Getting to Phillip Island/San Remo

Via Car, Bus, Ferry or Air

By Bus

This is the cheapest and easiest way to get to Phillip Island without a car. It is not recommended but guests can visit Phillip Island and return to Melbourne in one day and still enjoy a tour with us. This is not recommended because Phillip Island and surrounds are worth far more than a one-day trip. There is a lot more to see and do here than most people realise and a common complaint we hear is “I wish we had known there is so much to do and we had planned to stay for longer“.

V/Line bus services run between Southern Cross Station in Melbourne and several towns on Phillip Island including Newhaven, Cape Woolamai, Surf Beach, Sunderland Bay and Cowes.

The journey from Melbourne requires a change of bus at Koo Wee Rup (very easy and usually no waiting required) and takes around 2 hours to get to the San Remo bridge, and a further 20 to 25 minutes to Cowes.

Refer to the V/Line timetable for Melbourne to Cowes.

There is a shuttle bus that collects passengers off the V/Line bus at Anderson when the V/Line bus does not traverse into Cowes. This service is provided by South Coast Bus Lines and does not show on the V/Line timetable (unfortunately).

We will collect guests from the Anderson bus stop if pre-arranged with a tour booking. This can be requested via the “special requirements” section during the on-line booking process.

By Train and Ferry

You can catch a suburban train from Melbourne to Frankston (1 hour), then switch onto a diesel service which runs from Frankston to Stony Point (35 minutes). There is a passenger ferry service from Stony Point (on the Mornington Peninsular) to Cowes.

Stony Point is spartan so plan and time your trip to avoid a long wait here, or pack refreshments!

From Stony Point Jetty, board the Western Port Ferries passenger catamaran which docks at the Cowes Jetty. The boat trip takes around 45 minutes, usually with a stop at French Island.

The Cowes Jetty is located right in Cowes so many accommodation options are within walking distance from the ferry. We will meet guests at the ferry if prearranged so be sure to advise when booking a tour with us where you want to be picked up from.

By Air – Phillip Island Helicopters

Phillip Island has its own airfield and this is home to Phillip Island Helicopters who not only conduct scenic flights, but also offer charter services.

In just 30 minutes, you can be flown from suitable landing locations in Melbourne, such as Essendon Airport or Moorabbin, directly to Phillip Island.  This is a wonderful way to get to Phillip Island and of course quicker than any of the other options on this page.

See for more details, and be sure to tell them you are joining us for a tour.

We will collect guests from the airport if prearranged with a tour booking; just request this via the “special requirements” section during the on-line booking process. We will even arrange to collect you from the helicopter landing pad, giving you the royal treatment!

However you choose to get to Phillip Island without a car you have the option to have us collect you from either the drop-off point or your accommodation to begin a tour. We look forward to driving you safely around the Phillip Island area.



By Car

If you are travelling to Phillip Island by car be sure to make time to join one of our tours to see the area from a local’s perspective. All too often we see visitors driving past the hidden gems and only visiting the larger attractions. Don’t be one of those unlucky travellers. Park the car at your accommodation and we will pick you up and take you on an exceptional tour of Phillip Island and the surrounding area.

The distance to drive from the heart of Melbourne to the San Remo / Phillip Island bridge is just over 120 kilometres.

Head south-east along the Monash Freeway (M1) toward Warragul. There are several routes to Phillip Island; the most clearly sign-posted will have you taking the South Gippsland Freeway (M420) via Cranbourne. This is usually the slowest route due to traffic and traffic signals through the townships.

If you ignore the M420 exit and continue on the M1 toward Warragul you can exit at either Clyde Road (C407) or the Koo Wee Rup Road (C422) exit. The later is the most direct and usually quickest route to Phillip Island.

Both the C407 and the C422 will join the South Gippsland Freeway south of Cranbourne.

Follow the M420 and B420 signs as you travel along the South Gippsland Highway, Bass Highway and Phillip Island Road.

The journey time is usually around 90minutes but can be longer in wet weather and during holiday periods. We recommend you avoid peak travel times for a more enjoyable drive.

There is no car ferry to Phillip Island, so if you wish to bring your vehicle onto Phillip Island you must use the bridge at San Remo.

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